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At Cowan, we know our Drivers are the most important piece. We make sure that our Drivers are well supported and have a workplace that makes them feel comfortable and motivated! 
Why come work for Cowan? 
HONESTY – Honesty is the key to any relationship. You need to be able to count on us and we need to count on you.  Simply put, we will always tell you the truth.  It’s the reason we have one of the highest retention rates in the trucking industry! Honesty is one of our guiding principles.
FAMILY AND HOME TIME – Cowan is a family company built upon family values. Our local drivers are home with their family every day and our regional drivers are home every week without fail. We understand the importance of having a balance between home and work life. Cowan truly believes that and we promise to honor it!
COMPENSATION – Our pay packages are custom tailored for all of our various positions.  We have large “dedicated fleets” all around the country and each customer has specific requirements.  The pay varies in these operation based on the requirements and the earning opportunity.  Some customers ship 100 loads 5 miles and some customers ship 500 loads, 1000 miles. The result is a pay package that makes sure you are treated with the very best earning opportunity.  Our drivers are some of the highest paid in the industry!
EQUIPMENT – We take great pride in our Tractors. We are proud to work with two great companies, Peterbilt and International. The average age of our trucks are eighteen months old, our oldest is three years old. 
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