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Article - Act of Heroism Saves Life at Westfield, MA Terminal

Due to the quick response and heroic efforts of three Cowan employees, the life of another driver was saved. Along with some assistance from C&S staff member, Chris Bernier, three drivers out of Westfield, MA, including Brian Leddy, Dominic Savio, and Bill Moran, emerged as heroes this past month. 
Early in the morning of Thursday, December 7th, yard jockey Brian Leddy spoke with the driver from an outside carrier. Brian took notice that the driver was disorientated and confused while speaking with him. Approximately 45 minutes later, the guard shack staff asked Brian to checkup on the driver. Brian along with Dominic Savio went over to check up on the driver. Upon arrival, they found the driver unresponsive in his truck. After many attempts to open the door and gain the attention of the driver, yard man Bill Moran was called over along with C&S staff. In an effort to get help for the driver, Bill took his bolt cutters and knocked out the driver side window to gain entry into the truck. Once inside the truck, the three noticed the driver was sweating heavily and having what appeared to be a seizure. During the time of these heroic efforts, emergency services had been called by the C&S staff. Within minutes, the fire department, police, and EMT Services had arrived. They successfully transported the driver to a nearby hospital where he was stabilized. 
We are extremely proud of all three #TeamCowan members who worked together to save a stranger’s life when in need! Thank you for being OUR heroes!  

Top Left: Dominic Savio -- Top Right: Brian Leddy -- Bottom: Bill Moran